Everyone appreciates each other's work

Cathedral Builders, Not Brick Layers

A story best explains what we believe. Two workers at a construction site were once asked what they are doing. First one replied “Can’t you see, I’m laying bricks” The second one answered “I’m building a cathedral” (You can of course call it a temple, or mosque) While both men would have been right, the second person most importantly knew the “purpose” of his work. At Zone24x7, this is the key. We make sure that our associates find the answer to this all important question “What is the purpose of my work?” very early in their career with us.

Global Exposure

As a Silicon Valley (San Jose) based technology company, we ensure that our associates receive valuable exposure working with a growing international clientele such as prestigious Fortune 500 companies. Many of our associates across Software, Embedded Systems and Quality Assurance teams travel to both East Coast and West Coast client locations in the United States as well as Canada. With the recent expansion of our business to Europe (United Kingdom and Norway) the exposure is nothing but rewarding. The opportunity to work with global clients from such diverse cultures mould our associates into mature professionals in their respective fields.

Zone Cares

As a Socially Responsible Business, Our associates are encouraged to make significant voluntary contributions to the society as well as the technology industry at large. Each year, we dedicate hundreds of hours to
  • Help Sri Lankan Universities in uplifting their curriculums to suite the demands of the global tech industry
  • Assist University students in their final year research initiatives
  • Extend our technology expertise to Government institutes
  • Provide thought leadership at various industry bodies
  • Share our knowledge and expertise in diverse forums such as workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Other charitable causes