Frequently Asked Questions

Careers FAQ helps you to find answers for your most common questions about recruitment at Zone24x7 for experienced professionals as well as student interns.


1. Should I submit a cover letter with my resume and if so, to whom should I address it to?

The cover letter is an absolute must. You can address the cover letter to “Dear HR”, or simply mention “To Whom It may Concern”.

2. How should I apply?

You can find currently available opportunities under “Current Openings” for both Students and Experienced Professionals. Please make sure that you qualify for the role before submitting an application. Your cover letter and resume must be formatted as an Adobe text based. pdf or Microsoft word document. Your resume should also include GCE Advanced Level (Or equivalent) stream of study and grades, Grade Point Average (GPA) or results of a similar grading scheme from higher education and details of two non related referees with contact details.

3. I have submitted an application for a current opening. What’s next?

Once we receive your application, we will contact you within about two weeks if we are considering your application. You will be either contacted for an informal phone interview or requested to visit our office for a formal interview.

4. How does the recruiting process work?

Depending on the role for which you have submitted an application, you will be requested to take part at an initial interview. Proceeding to the second interview you may be requested to complete a Technical Test, IQ Test and an English Language Test. You are encouraged to bring examples of work you have done and any other support material which will help us evaluate you. Interview(s) could consist of pointed questions about past work experience and projects to casual conversations about you. After a series of interviews, the recruiting team gets together to review and compare each candidate’s qualifications and results from the tests and interviews. The primary objective of the recruiting team is to determine whether a candidate will bring a lot of value to us, and in the process will strive to get the best out of Zone24x7 too. The Human Resource Department will immediately get in touch with the selected candidate(s) once the recruitment team has made a final decision.

5. Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

We regret that we can’t reply personally to each application. We will review and share your submission with the appropriate people at Zone24x7. If there’s an immediate match between your talents and our needs, we will contact you directly within 14 working days. (If you do not hear from us within that time, please assume that we do not have an appropriate opportunity at this point, but will certainly keep your application filed for any appropriate openings which may develop in the future.)

6. How can a candidate stand out?

Make an unforgettable first impression. Your resume and the accompanying cover letter should immediately grab the attention of the recruitment team. Having said that, we are not looking for fun fonts and clever gimmicks. If you are applying for User Experience Design role, the aesthetics of your resume matter more than those with an Engineering or Business background. Clear and concise presentation of facts tells us that you have clarity in your thinking. Attention to detail matters to us very much and a resume with errors can create a negative impression.

7. I still have questions. May I get in touch with someone?

If you have a specific question that is not answered above, please send an email to


1. What kind of students do you look for?

Typically, our interns are either already enrolled in a graduate degree program (Undergraduate Internship) or has completed a Graduate degree program without going through an internship (Graduate Internship). Successful candidates display exceptional skill and can demonstrate high-quality work in the domain of the internship they have applied for. All candidates must be passionate about their area of specialization. Zone24x7 offers a team-oriented, collaborative culture, and we want students move well with others-but you need to be self-directed towards excellence. Please read the job posting carefully before applying to make sure you meet the qualifications. We truly value our intern, who often make real contributions to Zone24x7’s projects and culture. Many have later become Zone24x7 employees, though there are no guarantees. We think you’ll learn a lot and you’ll have fun as well.

2. What kind of projects will I work on?

Interns who join our Student program work alongside senior associates within the mainstream Zone24x7 projects. Your time will likely include almost all of phases of technology based product design and engineering. Projects are diverse from Enterprise Software, Embedded Systems, Innovation and Technology Proof of concepts to Quality Assurance and testing. These may include client/team meetings, presentations, design, implementation testing, documentation etc.

3. How should I apply?

You can find currently available opportunities under “Current Openings” in “Student Program” section. Apply directly for the position you are interested in from our current internship listings. Please make sure you qualify for the internship before applying. Please remember to Include a cover letter and resume. Attachments must be formatted as an Adobe text- based. pdf, or Microsoft word document. After applying, we will contact you within about two weeks if we are considering your application. We frequently visit all leading universities and conduct guest sessions introducing current opportunities for students seeking internship.. We also take part in on campus career fairs to identify potential candidates for both internships and permanent employment. Industry visits and Open days are also arranged at our premises at Nawala, Colombo to create awareness among students. You can talk to our associates at any of these events for more details.

4. When should I apply for an internship?

If you are interested in a Graduate internship, you can check the current internship listings and apply at anytime of the year. For Undergraduate internships, our intakes coincide with the time periods set by all leading universities (government and private) for their students seeking internships and industry placements. For more information please reach us at

5. I still have questions. May I get in touch with someone?

If you have a specific question that is not answered above, please send an email to