Professionals as well as Students have found meaning in their work at Zone24x7.

“Culture of not making people get stuck with a single technology, is the best way to develop the skills on many platforms, and that culture is well practiced at Zone24x7”

Dhanushka | Software Engineer

“Each one of us are empowered, motivated and mentored to achieve a potential that we previously didn’t know that existed within us”

Awad | Trainee Associate Software Engineer

“Zone24x7 has inspired me to ‘work smart’ rather than ‘work hard'”

Melani | QA Engineer

“I would say each year at Zone24x7 is actually worth 2-3 years of experience gained elsewhere”

Michael | Lead UI Engineer

“The empowerment and the support received from the management during the change in my career path from QA to Project Management is commendable”

Chamindee | Associate Project Manager

“Job satisfaction” is a key demand in our professional lives. The initial sign of job satisfaction at Zone24x7 is the considerable number of happy faces around me saying “I am an associate for the past 5, 6,.. 10 years”

Chamil | Associate Software Architect

“Career guidance, support, advices and opportunities provided, encouragement for continuous learning and personal growth and the assistance to build our individual professional careers”

Virangi | QA Engineer

“Quality work, great environment and lots of learning opportunities”

Chandika | Associate QA Engineer

“Organizational culture here at Zone24x7 is very comfortable and it made me feel at home real soon. I can feel free to approach any co-worker regarding any query and they are more than willing to help me out”

Mariam | Trainee Associate Software Engineer

“With a high level of trust, mentoring and empowerment of associates, we are able to make the right decisions with a positive attitude in the best interest of our clients and the company”

Sean | Associate Project Coordinator

“I always got the right opportunity to involve in areas I wanted to work, and I never felt that my past experience or even non-IT experience is wasted”

Gimhan | Project Coordinator

“Since the day I arrived, the sense of belonging made me quite comfortable with my colleagues. The flexible work environment and the support given for my academic work made life as an intern much easier and more meaningful”

Osaadhi | Associate Software Engineer

“I work in an environment that’s very collaborative and I’m lucky that my superiors provide me with challenging tasks with full decision making freedom and ownership. This has stayed true from the very first day”

Jeevagan | Senior Systems Engineer

“The fact that Zone24x7 develops Hardware and Software under one roof is truly remarkable”

Pradeepa | Senior Electronics Engineer